Index of Authors

Oliva, C.

Unravelling the interaction of ammonia with carbon nanotubes

Oliva, J.

Hydrothermal synthesis and Photoluminescent characterization of nanocrystalline BaZrO3

Precipitant molar concentration effect on the upconversion emission in BaZrO3:Er,Yb nanocrystalline phosphor

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Development and Characterization of a 2-D microchip-based Protein separation system.

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Stability of Functionalized Magnetic Particles in a Physiologic Fluid

Oliveira, A.M.

Rifampicin nanosuspension production using microfluidic device

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Comparison and Critical Analysis of Experimental Results and Correlations for Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids

Thermal Performance of Silver/Water Nanofluids in Heat Exchangers

Oliveira, J.B.L.

Natural Gas in Syngas Conversion Over Nanosize Catalysts

Oliveira, L.H.

Structural refinement and photoluminescence properties of cube-like (Ca1-xCux)TiO3 crystals synthesized by the microwave-hydrothermal method

CdMoO4 synthesized by a microwave-assisted hydrothermal method and their photoluminescence and photocatality properties

Crystallization and optical properties of CCTO thin films under pressure influence

Oliveira, M.J.C.

Boehmite nanometric with high surface area synthesized from a microwaves hydrothermal method

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High Deborah number flows through 3D contractions at the microscale

Red Blood Cell Deformation in Flows through a PDMS Hyperbolic Microchannel

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Study of Bioactive Films Using Natural Macromolecules

Oliver, J.

Virtual Probe Microscope

Oljaca, M.

Application-Driven Fine Particle Solutions

Olle, B.

Enhancement of Oxygen Transfer in Fermentation by Use of Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles

Ollier, B.

Simulation of Micro-Channel Heat Sinks for Optoelectronic Microsystems