Index of Authors

Ohyama, K.

Modeling of Floating-Body Devices Based on Complete Potential Description

Oiwa, K.

A molecular communication system using a network of cytoskeletal filaments.

Oja, A.

Electromechanical Analysis of Micromechanical SOI-Fabricated RF Resonators

Ojamäe, L.

RuO2 and Ru Nanoparticles for MISiC-FET Gas Sensors

Ojea, I.

Synthesis and characterization of Hyaluronan – Gold Nanoparticles: A nanostructured material for biomedical applications

Ok, J.T.

Simple Fabrication of Hierarchical Structures on a Polymer Surface

Ok, Z.D.

Monte Carlo Multi-Criteria Risk Analysis of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Production Processes Under Uncertain Manufacturing Costs, Occupational Health Risks, and Regulatory Standards

Oka, C.

Biodegradable Polymer-Based Composite Particles for Targeted Drug Delivery Carriers with Magnetic Response

Okada, K.

Growth of Nanostructured Diamond, Diamond-Like Carbon, and Carbon Nanotubes in a Low Pressure Inductively Coupled Plasma

Okada, T.

Fabrication and Recording of Bit Patterned Media Prepared by Rotary Stage Electron Beam Lithography

Okajima, M.

A Compact Model of Ballistic CNFET for Circuit Simulation

A Circuit Compatible Analytical Device Model for Nanowire FET Considering Ballistic and Drift-Diffusion Transport

Okamoto, H.

Atomic Force Microscopic Visualization of Identical Site on Cell Surface with Different Probes

Okamoto, K.

Nanoscale Reaction Analysis of Resist Materials for Nanolithography

Okandan, M.

Field-induced Dielectrophoresis and Phase Separation for Manipulating Particles in Microfluidics

Okano, K.

Photo-induced Surface Modification of Polyimides for Printable Electronics Fablication

Okine, M.

Life Cycle Analysis of Plastics in Southeast Queensland – Recycled Plastics versus Bio plastics in Electronics

Okkels, F.

Applications of Topology Optimization in the Design of Micro- and Nanofluidic Systems

Okojie, R.S.

Simulation and Validation of Bulk Micromachined 6H-SiC High-g Piezoresistive Accelerometer

Okoli, C.

Application of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Wastewater Treatment using Response Surface Methodology