Index of Authors

Nishina, Y.

Facile Preparation of Graphene Composite Materials and Their Application

Nishitani-Gamo, M.

A Novel Catalytic Synthesis Method of Carbon Nanomaterials in the Organic Liquids

Nishiya, T.

Optical Detection of Integrin AvB3 Using a Nanostructured Lipid Bilayer Membrane Biosensor

Nisisako, T.

Limitations of DNA High-frequency Anchoring and Stretching

DNA Mechanical Properties: Formulation and comparison with experiments

Nitkowski, A.

On-chip spectrometer for low-cost optical coherence tomography

Nitta, T.

Nanobiodevices Integrating Biomolecular Motors

Niu, F.

Computer Aided Design and Optimization of Integrated Circuits with RF MEMS Devices by an ANN Based Macro-Modeling Approach

Niu, G.

Physics and Modeling of Noise in SiGe HBT Devices and Circuits

Niu, J.

Monitoring Strategy for Characterization of Airborne Nanoparticles

Niu, S-L

Visualizing Individual Rhodopsin (a G Protein-Coupled Receptor) Molecules in Native Disk and Reconstituted Membranes via Atomic Force Microscopy

Niu, X.

Benchmark Tests on Conventional Surface Potential Based Charge-Sheet Models And the Advanced PUNSIM Development

Stretchable Electronics

Nivens, D.

Carbon Nanofiber-Based Electrode Interface to Microbial Biofilms

Niver, E.

Fabry-Perot Diaphragm Fiber Optic Sensor (DFOS) for Acoustic Detection

Niwa, K.

Photocatalytic activity of mesoporous titanium dioxide nanoparticles under visible light irradiation

Nix, W.D.

Effective Use of Focused Ion Beam (FIB) in Investigating Fundamental Mechanical Properties of Metals at the Nano-Scale.

Nixon, G.

DNA Extraction, Purification and Quantification Using Micromachined Microfluidic Chip

Niyogi, S.

Guided Neurite Growth on Patterned Carbon Nanotubes

Njuguna, J.

Assessment of release and toxicity of NP from silicon-based polymer composites in a life cycle perspective