Index of Authors

Nieto, S.

Nanoscaled Science and Engineering for Sensing : Quantum Dots Fluorescence Quenching for Organic NO2 Sensing

Nieva, P.

A Multi-Purpose Optical MEMS Sensor for Harsh Environments

A Parallel-plate-based Fishbone-Shape MEMS Tunable Capacitor with Linear Capacitance-Voltage Response

Effect of Nonlinear Structural Stiffness on the Response of Capacitive MEMS Devices

Nieva, P.M.

MEMS Sensors for Harsh Environment Applications

Nieva,, P.

A Novel Virtual Button User Interface for Determining the Characteristics of an Impulse Input Based on MEMS Inertial Sensors

Nigavekar, S.S.

In Vivo Toxicity Study of Gold Composite Nanodevices for use in Imaging and Radiotherapy

Niggli, F.

PCR Micro-Voume Device for Detection of Nucleic Acids

Nigro, S.

Numerical modeling of squeeze-film damping in micro-mirrors including rarefaction effects

Niihara, K.

Fabrication of controlled linear assemblies of graphite nanosheets in polysiloxane-based nanocomposite films and enhancement of thermal property

Niimura, K.

An Organic Molecule - Fullerene Mixture for a High Efficiency Photovoltaic Device: Theoretical Study

Theoretical Analysis of Donor - Spacer - Acceptor Structure Molecule for Stable Molecular Rectifier

Nijdam, W.

Filtration and emulsification with nanoengineered membranes

Niki, T.

Fabrication of Micro Photonic Crystals for Handling of Terahertz Electromagnetic Waves

Nikitczuk, K.P.

Viral Protein Linear (VPL) Nano-Actuators

Nikiteas, N.

Bio-imaging of colorectal cancer models using a CK19-bioconjugated Quantum Dot Nanoprobe

Nikitin, E.B.

High-Yield Chemical Conversion of Biomass into Biofuels and Value-Added Products

Nikitov, S.A.

Tunable Wideband Microwave Band-Stop and Band-Pass Filters Using YIG/GGG-GaAs Layer Structures

Niknejad, A.

An Advanced Surface-Potential-Plus MOSFET Model

A Framework for Generic Physics Based Double-Gate MOSFET Modeling