Index of Authors

Matsuda, K.

Implementation of Strain Induced Effects in Sensor Device Simulation

Simulation for Low Temperature Coefficient Design of Piezoresistive and Hall Sensors

MEMS Simulation in Heavily Doped Silicon Devices

The Effect of a Multiple Carrier Model of Interface Trap Generation on Lifetime Extraction for MOSFETs

Strain Effect on the Final State Density-of-State for Hole Scattering in Silicon

Shear Piezoresistance Coefficient Pi44 of n-type Silicon

Matsuda, T.

Characterization of Refined Beams of Neutral Free Radicals Produced by Photo-Deionization of Negative Ion Beams

Matsui, E.

Molecular Switches of a Self-Assembling Helical Biladienone

Matsui, H.

A Sensitive Peptide-Nanotube Based Pathogen Assay

Förster transfer in coupled colloidal type-II and type-I quantum dots

Matsukawa, S.

Generation and Evaliation of Graphene Depends on the Electron Irradiation Applied to the Fullerene

Matsukawa, Y.

Effect of furnace temperature on the nucleation behavior and configurations of carbon nanoparticles

Matsumoto, H.

ROS Evaluation for Series of CNTs Using the ESR Method and the Effects of CNT Mophology

Matsumoto, K.

Coulomb Oscillations at Room-Temperature of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors

High-sensitive Label-free Biosensors Based on Carbon Nanotube Field-effect Transistors Modified with Aptamers

HiSIM-Varactor: Complete Surface-Potential-Based Model for RF Applications

Matsumoto, S.

Modeling and Design Optimization of a Novel Micropump

Noise Modeling with HiSIM Based on Self-Consistent Surface-Potential Description

Noise Modeling with HiSIM Based on Self-Consistent Surface-Potential Description

Matsuo, S.

Highly Integrated Transparent Microchannel Chips for Continuous-flow PCR