Index of Authors

Mao, A.

Incorporation of Nanoparticles into Soy-based Polyurethane Foam

Mao, C.

Evolutionary selection of bone mineral hydroxyapatite binding peptide using landscape phage library

Mao, D.

Carbon nanotube-reinforced epoxy nanocomposites for mechanical property improvement

Mao, G.

Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites: Role of DNA Functionalized Carbon

Mao, H.

Development of peptide conjugated Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide (SPIO) Nanoparticles for Targeted MR Imaging and Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer

Mao, J.J.

Labeling and Imaging of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Quantum Dot Bioconjugates during Proliferation and Osteogenic Differentiation in Long Term

Mao, L.

Continuous Separation of Non-Magnetic Particles through Negative Magnetophoresis inside Ferrofluids

Mao, S.P.

Transmit and Receive of a cMUT Cell: Modeling and Experiments

Mao, Y.

Polymer Nanocoatings by Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition (iCVD)

Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Double Perovskite La2BMnO6 (B = Ni or Co) Nanoparticles

Three-dimensional Core@Shell Nano-Array Electrodes for Integrated Lithium-Ion Microbatteries

Mapelli, A.

Application of Micro-channel Cooling to the Local Thermal Management of Detectors Electronics for Particle Physics

Marafie, A.H.

Fast and Sensitive DNA Hybridization Through Micro- Fluidics

Maraloiu, A.V.

Nanoscale fast Ge diffusion in laser irradiated SiGe thin films

Marand, E.

CNT-polyamide nanocomposite membranes for gas and water separations

Marangi, I.

Cluster assembled nanostructured TiO2 film mediates efficient and safe retroviral gene transduction in primary adult human melanocytes for ex-vivo gene therapy

Maras, M.

Whole Cell Biosensors For (Eco)Toxicity Screening: Alternatives For The Future

Marcacci, M.

Multifunctional Ceramic Thin Films for High-Performance Orthopaedic Implants

Marcel-Kermarrec, F.

Highly passivated silicon chips with micron aperture for the pA measurements of single ion channels

Marcelli, A.

Characterization of Aluminum Nitride Nanostructures by XANES and FTIR Spectroscopies with Synchrotron Radiation