Index of Authors

Maldonado, L.

Formation of complex nanoparticles from a spherical protein (BSA) and two polycations (PDL with two molecular weights) using coacervation method of the polyelectrolytes

Maleev, N.A.

Inverse Modeling for C-V Profiling of Modulated-Doped Semiconductor Structures

Malfa, E.

SUSTAINABLE steel production for the 2030s and beyond: the vision of the European Steel Technology Platform’s Strategic Research Agenda

Malik, A.S.

Algerian Renewable Energy Projects for Clean Environment

Malik, P.

Microwave and RF Applications of Gate Material Engineered Trapezoidal Recessed Channel (GME-TRC ) MOSFET

Linearity Performance Assessment of Nanoscale Gate Material Engineered Trapezoidal Recessed Channel (GME-TRC) MOSFET for RFIC design and Wireless application

Malik, S.S.

Multiple gate approach - solution of scaling and nano MOSFETS

Quantum transport in nano mosfets

Design of Multi – Dimensional Variable Capacitors for RF MEMS

Modeling of Electronic Transport in Molecular Devices

Malik, V.

Magnetic nanoparticles with variable size and shape and surface functionality as switchable building blocks for soft nanotechnology

Malinowski, P.

Design of Radiation Tolerant Readout System for an Integrated SRAM Based Neutron Detector

Malkina, O.

SC-15 Epoxy Reinforced with Magnetic Nanofillers under Uniform Magnetic Field – An Investigation of Anisotropic Physical Properties

Malkinski, L.M.

Dynamic study on Nanometer size square Permalloy (NiFe) antidot arrays; use as Monolithic Microwave localize band-pass filter

Malladi, K.

Fabrication of Suspended C-NEMS Structures by EB Writer and Pyrolysis Method

Growth of Si Nanowires on Nano Catalyst Corners

Microfabrication and Mechanical Characterization of Suspended Carbon Microstructures

Carbon Microstructures for Glucose Biosensor

Malladi, R.M.

Development and Design Kit Integration of a Scalable and Statistical High Current Model for Advanced SiGe HBTs

Malladi, R.R.

Two-Tone Distortion Modeling for SiGe HBTs Using the High-Current Model