Index of Authors

Motte, L.

New Multimodal Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Nanotools for Cancer

Microwave irradiation and Click chemistry for highly efficient and chemoselective multivalent iron oxide nanoparticle surface modification

Nano-Organocatalysts: new magnetically retrievable tools for enantioselective synthesis

Motwani, S.K.

Gatifloxacin Nanoparticles For Ophthalmic Delivery

Motz, M.

Nanobiopore: A Novel Nano-Porous Electrode System to Enhance Biosensor Sensitivity

Motzkus, C.

Characterization of airborne particles released by the combustion of Nanocomposites

Mou, X.

A Numerical Study on THZ-Wave Generation and Detection of Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-effect Transistor

Moudgil, B.

Catalyst-Free Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes with Low-Intensity Lasers

Bioluminescent Model for the Quantification of Photothermal Ablative Breast Cancer Therapy Mediated by Near-Infrared Nanoparticles

Moudgil, B.M.

Quantum Dots for Multimodal Bioimaging and Sensing Applications

Differential Uptake of PEG-Silica-FITC Nanoparticles by Human Breast Cancer Cells and Normal Human Breast Epithelial Cells

Moulai Khatir, A.N.

SOI-Multi-FinFET: Impact of Fins Number multiplicity on Corner Effect

Mount, A.S.

Fluorescence of Water-Soluble Fullerenes in Biological Systems

Mount, G.R.

Characterization of Solar Grade Silicon Contaminants

Mount, S.

A Realistic Dream – a Top-Down Feasibility Study for MEMS Planetary Exploration

Mount, S.N.I.

A Simulation Tool for System Services in Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks

Experimental Localization with MICA2 Motes

Mountziaris, T.J.

Synthesis, Extraction and Surface Modification Of (Zn,Mn)Se Nanocrystals Using Microemulsions As Templates

Moura, M.J.B.

Tearing Graphene

Mourey, T.

Organic Solvent Dispersed TiO2 Nanocrystal Sol: Synthesis and Characterization