Index of Authors

Moriarty, G.

Surface Plasmon Spectral Shifts of Functionalized Gold Nano particles for the Use in Biosensors

Moriarty, P.

Polymer-Controlled Growth of CdSe Nanoparticles into Micro- and Nanowires

Moriceau, H.

Nanovias FIB-etching and filling in a micro-nano interposer for molecular electronics

Morier, P.

GRAVI-Chip: Automation of Microfluics Affinity Assay based on Magnetic Nanoparticle

Morikane, R.

Millimeter long vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes by an ultra long lifetime of catalysts

Morikawa, K.

HiSIM: Accurate Charge Modeling Important for RF Era

HiSIM: Accurate Charge Modeling Important for RF Era

Morikawa, Y.

Application of Magnetic Neutral Loop Discharge Plasma in Deep Quartz and Silicon Etching Process for MEMS/NEMS Devices Fabrication

Morikuni, J.J.

Simulation and Modeling of Optoelectronic Devices, Circuits and Systems

Morillo, V.

Characterization of Intracellular Biogenic Crystals Synthesized by Freshwater Magnetotactic Bacteria (MTBs)

Intracellular Inclusions and Nanocrystals of magnetotactic coccus isolated from estuary in Colombia

Morimoto, N.I.

Gas Flow Simulation in a PECVD Reactor

Gas Flow Simulation in a PECVD Reactor

Morimoto, Y.

Nanomachining on Si (100) Surfaces Using an Atomic Force Microscope with Lateral Force Transducer

Local Oxidation Characteristics of Single Crystal Silicon

Moríñigo, J.A.

Numerical Modelling and Analysis of the Burning Transient in a Solid-propellant Micro-thruster

Morisson, FD.

Ferroelectric Properties of FIB-prepared Single Crystal BaTiO3 Nanocapacitors

Morita, T.

A Helical Peptide can Mediate Electron over 120 Å by Hopping Mechanism

Morita, U.

Development of the Multi-pixel X-ray Microcalorimeters

Moritani, Y.

Molecular Communication