Index of Authors

Mohajerzadeha, S.

Controllable growth of ZnO nanorod-carbon nanotube heterojunction arrays by low-temperature wet chemical bath deposition method for using in dye solar cell

Mohamed, A.

3-D Finite Element Modeling Schemes for Design and Simulation of VR Microactuator

Design of MEMS Tunable Capacitor all Metal Microstructure for RF Wireless Applications

Mohamed, A.Z.

Microsteping Control of Hybrid Stepper Motor Using Fuzzy Logic for Robotics Application

Mohamed, H.

Circulating Tumor Cells: Capture with a Micromachined Device

Purification of PCR-Inhibitory Components by Cellulose Acetate Membranes

A Micromachined Sparse Cell Isolation Device: Application in Prenatal Diagnostics

DNA Amplification by PCR using Low cost, Programmable Microwave Heating

Mohamed, M.M.

Role of Ultrasound in Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery Loaded on Microspheres

Poly(caprolactone)–Pluronic– poly(caprolactone) amphiphilic copolymer nanoparticles for controlled 5-Fluorouracil delivery

Mohamed, N.M.

Synthesis of Narrow Diameter Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes (MWNTs) By Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition For Mechanical Reinforcement Applications

MOCVD Preparation and photoluminiscence of ZnS nanowires

Mohammad, G.

Antimicrobial properties of silver coated CNT

Mohammadi, S.

Evidence of the Existence of Complete Phononic Band Gaps in Phononic Crystal Plates

Mohammed, R.D.

Toughening mechanisms of nanoparticle-modified epoxy polymers

Mohan, B.

In-situ techniques in optical spectroscopy for the analysis of carbon nanotubes

Mohan, R.

Dynamic Crack Propagation in a Bi-Metallic Nanolayer

Mohan, S.

Modeling multi-scale liquid dispersion phenomena in conjunction with Computational Fluid Dynamics

Fabrication of Nano-structures of NiTi Shape Memory Films and Investigations on Size dependence of their Mechanical Properties

Mohanty, A.K.

Sustainable Nanocomposite Materials from Cellulosic Plastics