Index of Authors

Miura-Mattausch, M.

Advanced Compact Models for MOSFETs

RF-MOSFET Model Parameter Extraction with HiSIM

The Surface-Potential-Based model HiSIM-SOI and its Application to 1/f Noise in Fully-Depleted SOI-MOSFETs

Noise Modeling with HiSIM Based on Self-Consistent Surface-Potential Description

HiSIM: Accurate Charge Modeling Important for RF Era

Advanced Compact MOSFET Model HiSIM2 Based on Surface Potentials with a Minimum Number of Approximation

HiSIM2.4.0: Advanced MOSFET model for the 45nm Technology Node and Beyond

HiSIM-Varactor: Complete Surface-Potential-Based Model for RF Applications

Construction of a Compact Modeling Platform and Its Application to the Development of Multi-Gate MOSFET Models for Circuit Simulation

Modeling of Floating-Body Devices Based on Complete Potential Description

HiSIM-HV: a complete surface-potential-based MOSFET model for High Voltage Applications

HiSIM-SOI: SOI-MOSFET Model for Circuit Simulation Valid also for Device Optimization

Compact Model HiSIM-DG both for Symmetrical and Asymmetrical DG-MOSFET Structures

High-Voltage MOSFET Model Valid for Device Optimization

Complete Surface-Potential Modeling Approach Implemented in the HiSIM Compact Model Family for Any MOSFET Type

Modeling of the impurity-gradient effect in high-voltage MOSFETs

HiSIM-SOTB: A Compact Model for SOI-MOSFET with Ultra-Thin Si-Layer and BOX

Modeling of DMOS Device for High-Voltage Applications Based on 2D Current Flow

Modeling of Trench-Gate Type HV-MOSFETs for Circuit Simulation

Modeling of Chain History Effect based on HiSIM-SOI