Index of Authors

Misra, D.S.

Metal Induced Intershell Coupling and Conductance Enhancement in Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

Misra, K.

Enhanced Biodegradation of 2,3,4,5,6-pentachlorocyclohexan-1-ol -- a b-HCH Metabolite -- in the Presence of a and g-HCH Isomers by Pseudomonas aeruginosa ITRC-5

Improvement of Hydrogen Production by Immobilized Rhodopseudomonas palustris CGA009 Using Reverse Micelles as Microreactor

Misra, M.

Sustainable Nanocomposite Materials from Cellulosic Plastics

Aligned Electrospun Nanocomposite Fibers

Development of One-Step Jet Fuel Blend using Solid Acid Catalysts

Missoffe, A.

Reduced-order modelling of the Reynolds equation for flexible structures

Mistry, K.

A Physical Compact MOSFET Mobility Model Including Accurate Calculation of Saturation Surface Potential.

Misture, S.

Self-Assembly of Squaraine Dyes: A Thermodynamic Exploration of Aggregation on Device Properties

Misyou, D.

Clay Polyimide Composite Film with Low CTE and High Water Vapor Barrier Property

Mitani, Y.

Simulation of Recess-Structure Dependence of Gate-Lag Phenomena in GaAs MESFETs

Two-Dimensional Simulation of Surface-State Effects on Breakdown Characteristics of Narrowly-Recessed-Gate GaAs MESFETs

Simulation of Device-Structure Dependence of Surface-Related Kink Phenomena in GaAs FETs

Mitard, J.

Heterogeneous Nano-electronic Devices Enabled by Monolithic Integration of IIIV, Ge, and Si to expand future CMOS functionality

Mitchell, B.S.

Interface-Property Relationships in Hybrid Nanocomposites from Near Net-Shape Manufacturing

The Mechanochemical Formation of Functionalized Semiconductor Nanoparticles for Electronic and Superhydrophobic Surface Applications

Mitchell, J.

Finite-Element Modeling of 3C-SiC Membranes

Mitchell, M.J.

Simulation of Electroosmosis Using a Meshless Finite Point Method

Mitchell, T.G.

Compact Model Methodology for Dual-Stress Nitride Liner Films in a 90nm SOI ULSI Technology

Mitic, G.

Thermo-Mechanical Simulation of Wire Bonding Joints in Power Modules