Index of Authors

Merlitz, H.

Stochastic Tunneling Method for High Throughput Database Screening

High Throughput in-silico Screening against Flexible Protein Receptors

Mermet, L.

Network Aggregation of CNT at the Surface of Epoxy/MWCNT Composite Exposed to UV Radiation

Degradation and Nanoparticle Release of Epoxy/Nanosilica Composites Exposed to Solar UV Radiation

Mernaugh, R.

Green Chemistry Derived Nanocomposite of Silver-modified Titania used for Disinfectant

Merrett, G.

Information Controlled Wireless Sensor Networks with Energy Aware Nodes

Merrett, J.N.

Growth of Uniform CNT Layer on Copper Foil-the Effect of Synthesis Methods/Conditions

The Effects of Surface Treatments on the Growth of CNTs on 3-Dimensional Carbon Foam Structure

Merroun, M.

Fabrication of magnetic bio-Au nanoclusters by using SlaA-layer ghosts of Sulfolobus acidocaldarius as a template

Mertsch, O.

Lithographic fabricated ultra hydrophobic and porous plant-like surfaces for bio chip applications

Mertsching, H.

In vitro human model for tumor target screening in Cancer research

In vitro testing of the penetration and permeation of nanomaterials on a artificial human skin model

Merz, C.

Novel surface architectures for biomimetic lipid membranes

Merzouk, S.

Novel sensing device based on potentiometric measurement for the detection of lithium

Merzsch, S.

A personal sampler for direct mass determination of nano-particles using a resonant cantilever sensor

Mescherikova, V.V.

Preparation and investigation of biological activity of thermosensitive liposomes loaded with doxorubicin

Meshcheryakov, O.

Why not only electrostatic discharge but even a minimum charge on the surface of highly sensitive explosives can catalyze their gradual exothermic decomposition and how a cloud of unipolar charged explosive particles turns into ball lightning

Mesite, S.

Production of Stable Drug Nanospensions Using Microfluidics Reaction Technology

Mesite, S.V.

Deagglomeration and Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes Using MicrofluidizerTM High Shear Fluid Processors

Production of Polymer Nanosuspensions Using MicrofluidizerTM Processor Based Processes