Index of Authors

Melo, M.A.S.

Combating Dental Caries Via Restorative Materials Containing Antibacterial and Remineralizing Nanoparticles

Melone, L.

New nanostructured cellulose materials

Nanostructured cellulose materials: adsorption of antibiotics onto cellulose fibers functionalized with glycidylmethacrylate for the manufacturing of antibacterial fabrics

Melucci, M.

Analysis and characterization of multifunctional oligothiophene-silica hybrid nanomaterials by AF4-MALS-Fl

Melzer, L.

System-Level Optical Models of 3-D Laser Projection Systems Using Micromirror Arrays

Mel’nichenko, N.

Development and practical application of biosensors based on the nanostructured silicon

Memis, O.G.

A Novel Self-Assembled and Maskless Technique for Highly Uniform Arrays of Nano-Holes And Nano-Pillars

Memon, S.

Modelling of Low Level Ionic Current Sensing Micro-tip

Mena, P.V.

Simulation and Modeling of Optoelectronic Devices, Circuits and Systems

Menabue, L.

Novel smart bio-nanomaterials: bioactive glasses containing metal nano-particles conjugated with molecules of biological interests

Menacher, M.

Design of a normally closed piezoelectric micro valve

Menachery, A.

Dielectrophoretic characterization and separation of metastatic variants of small cell lung cancer cells

Menchaca, L.

Modular Silicon Micropump

Menchicchi, B.

Chitosan-based nanomaterials for drug delivery and antibiotic-free bacterial control

Menck, C.F.M.

Polymer-based delivery vehicle for cisplatin

Supramolecular assemblies of cisplatin and polyelectrolytes: preparation, characterization and activity against cancer cells

Mende, S.

Effectively Grinding and Dispersing Nanoparticles Using a Fine Bead Mill

Mendels, D.

Interactions between Carbon Nanotubes and Liquids: Imbibition and Wetting

Mendelsohn, R.

Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites: The Role of the Electronic Fingerprint of Carbon Nanotubes

Mendes, E.

Hydrogel-based multi-stimuli responsive cilia