Index of Authors

Meinhart, C.D.

SOI Processing of a Ring Electrokinetic Chaotic Micromixer

Meininger, G.A.

Flexible Micropost Arrays For Studying Traction Forces Of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

Meinzer, S.

Design Optimization of Microsystems

Meisel, I.

Simulation of Electrically-Excited Flows in Microchannels for Mixing Application

Meister, A.

Hollow Atomic Force Microscopy Probes for Nanoscale Dispensing of Liquids

Mejia, I.

ZnO-Based Inverters for Flexible Electronics

Mejia, J.I.

Ink-jet Printed CdS Thin Film Transistors Fabricated In-situ by Micro-reaction

Meka, D.

Palladium/Polymer nanocomposite based Chemiresistive SO2 Sensor

Meka, D.A.

Polymer nanocomposite based chemiresistive gas sensors

Meka, D.B.

Structure-property relationships in Pd/Polycarbonate based chemical sensors

Mekala, R.

Synthesis and characterization of Al-Al2O3/PVDF core-shell nanodieletrics for energy storage

Melander, D.

Development and Performance of a PVM Based Parallel Geometric Modeler for MEMS

Melde, K.

Innovative Cost-effective Pre-treatment for Desalination

Innovative Technology for Selective Contaminant Removal

Innovative Technology for Algae Dewatering

Melechko, A.V

Controlled Synthesis and Directed Assembly of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofibers for Functional Nanoscale Devices

Melechko, A.V.

Carbon Nanofiber-Based Electrode Interface to Microbial Biofilms

Nanoelectronic Devices Constructed Using Individual Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofibers

Electron Sources for Massively Parallel Electron Beam Lithography System using Single Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofiber Cathodes

Fabrication of Nanopipes using Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofiber Templates and their Properties