Index of Authors

McRory, J.G.

A MEMS Tunable Inductor

McTaggart, M.

Synthesis and characterization of nanoreactors within polymeric nanotemplates

Simulation and synthesis of a self-assembling and tumor-targeted drug delivery system

Meacher, D.

Exposure to nanoparticles collected in the Los Angeles basin in California leads to the up regulation to brain associated genes

Mead, J.

Phase Morphology Control in Electrospun Nanofibers From Polymer Blends

Numerical Simulation of Polymer Phase Separation on a Patterned Substrate with Nano Features

Polymer Nanomanufacturing Strategies for Multifunctional Nanomaterials

Durable Icephobic Coatings

Effect of Layer Multiplying Extrusion on the Morphology and Properties of PS/CNT Nanocomposites

Polymer Based Continuous Offset Printing

Continuous Extrusion Process for Preparation of Polymer Nanocomposites

Novel Additive Manufacturing of Tooling with Micro and Nanostructured Surfaces

High-rate Manufacturing of 3D Products with Micro and Nanostructured Surfaces

Mead, J.L.

Investigation of Tooling Surfaces on Injection Molded Nanoscale Features

Processing Parameters Affecting Nanoinjection Molding

Interfacial Instabilities in Multilayer Extrusion

Meador, M.A.

Effect of Electron Beam Irradiation on the Tensile Properties of Carbon Nanotube Sheets and Yarns

Meads, M.B.

Glycosaminoglycan model glass substrates and cancer cell interactions

Meagley, R.P.

Selective Identification of proteins by laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry on photonic nanodevices coupled to abiotic receptors

Mecerreyes, D.

Glucose Sensor Based On Enzyme Entrapment In Polyacrylamide Microgels