Index of Authors

Lee, S.

Ceramic Microarrays for Aggressive Environments

Fabrication of nanoscale nozzle for electrostatic field induced inkjet head and test of drop-on-demand operation

Ultra-thin gold membrane transducer

Design and Fabrication of the Sensor for Measuring the Human Bladder Volume

Study of the phenomenon of meniscus deformation and ejection by pulse voltage and frequency in drop-on-demand EHD printing

The Investigation of Electrostatic Induced Inkjet Printing System for the Ejection of a Stable Micro/Nano Droplet

Increased Sensitivity of Carbon Nanotube Sensors by Forming Stable and Low Resistance CNT/metal Electrode

Fracture-induced polymeric grating structures

Array-Nozzle EHD Print Head and its Drop-on-Demand Experimentation

Nanostructural Changes in Surface of Stainless Steel Archwires Combined with Orthodontic Conventional and Self-Ligating Brackets

Far-infrared Radiation Properties of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Nanofibrous Membranes Containing Germanium and Silicon Dioxide

FineMetalLine Patterning on Hydrophilic Non-Conductive SubstratesBased on EHD Printing withLaser Sintering

High Aspect Ratio EHD Printing with High Viscosity Ink Ejection

Repeated Duplication in EHD Line Patterning on a Non-Conductive Substrate Based on Controlling the Polarity of Applied Voltages

3D Printered and Plasma Treated Superhydrophobic Mesh Filters for Oil-water Separation

Ordered Structure Pattern on Polymeric Surface

Field-Limited Digestive Ripening for Self-Organization of Thiol-Capped Gold Nanoparticles

Fishbone Pattern Phenomena on a Non-Conductive Substrate in Electrohydrodynamic Discharging

Lee, S.-C.

The Structure and Properties of ta-C Film with Dispersion of Incident Beam Energy

Atomic Scale Understanding of Intermixing Behavior of Thin Metal Multilayer