Index of Authors

Lee, J.H.

A Study of Particle Size Distribution in NPP process

Uniformly Distributed Metal Nano-particles in Various Sized Porous Catalytic Supports by NPP Process

A Study on the System Configuration for the Flywheel Energy Storage Device to be Applied to the Railway System

Lee, J.K.

Hydrothermal approach to a carbon graphite encapsulated FeCo nanocrystals for diagnosis, hyperthermia therapy and siRNA delivery

Lee, J.N.

One-step Target Protein detection from Whole Blood in a Lab-on-a-Disc

Lee, J.O.

Fabrication of Cu-encapsulated Carbon Nanotube Inductors

Lee, J.S.

Thin Film Instability and Nanostructure Formation: a Molecular Dynamics Study

Phase Identification and Elastic Property of Blend Copolymer Characterized by Force Modulation Microscopy and Force-Distance Curve

Interfacial Instabilities in Multilayer Extrusion

Electrochemical Detection of Single-Nucleotide Mismatches: Application of M-DNA

Controlling Colorimetric Reversibility of Nanostructured Polydiacetylenes

In Vitro Diagnosis and Analysis of the Potential Effects of Carbon Nanotube Exposure on the Human Respiratory System

A lattice Boltzmann study of the non-Newtonian blood flow in stented aneurysm

Simulation of RBCs Bioconcave shape Using 2_D Lattice Boltzmann

Lee, J.W

MD Simulations on the Momentum Transfer to Nano Contaminant Particle on Wafer Surface in Collisions with Cleaning Bullets

Lee, J.W.

Growth of InAs Quantum Dots Using the Strained Superlattices and Their Optical Properties

Condensation and Evaporation of a Nano-sized Particle Moving in a Fluid Environment

Experiments on removing nano particles on a substrate using a supersonic particle beam

Rhodamine B Isothiocyanate-Modified Ag Nanoaggregates on Dielectric Beads: A Novel Surface-Enhanced-Raman-Scattering and Fluorescent Imaging Material

Cleaning 10nm ceramic particles by the supersonic particle beam