Index of Authors

Lee, H.

A Microfluidic Platform for Parallel Synchronization of Multiple Droplets by Ladder-Like Fluidic Network

A Simple and Robust Fabrication of Microwell Array by Pdms on a Glass Substrate for Cell-To-Cell Adhesion

Lee, H.-C.

Transparent film sensor for strain measurement using carbon nanotube networks

Lee, H.-H.

Biological effects of PLA-TCP nanocomposites on osteoblastic cells

Lee, H.-J.

Nanostructural Effects of Mitomycin C Applications on Scleral Collagen Fibrils: Atomic Force Microscopy Observation

Lee, H.B.

Rhodamine B Isothiocyanate-Modified Ag Nanoaggregates on Dielectric Beads: A Novel Surface-Enhanced-Raman-Scattering and Fluorescent Imaging Material

Lee, H.H.

Development of the Novel Functionality of Probiotics Fermented Noni Hydrolysates

Lee, H.J.

A Methodology for System Level Simulation, Modeling and Optimization of MEMS Devices

Generation of a Metamodel for a Micromachined Accelerometer using T-SpiceTM and the Iz-Optimality Option of I-OPTTM

A Nanoelectronic Device Based on Endofullerene Peapod: Model Schematics and Molecular Dynamics Study

Carbon nanotube superlattices- An oscillatory metallic behaviour

Multifunctional Micropatterned Nanofiber Capable of Cell Patterning, Metabolite Detection, and Growth Factor Delivery

Thermal Stability of Nano-Structured Selective Emitters for Thermo Photovoltaic

High Temperature Nanostructures for Thermophotovoltaics

3D Printered and Plasma Treated Superhydrophobic Mesh Filters for Oil-water Separation

Lee, H.K.

Anodic aluminum oxide-based capacitive humidity sensor integrated with micro-heater

Experiments to Investigate Electromagnetic Shielding Performance of Polyaniline-Coated Thin Films

Electromagnetic wave shielding effectiveness of SWNT-coated, transparent, conducting panels

Lee, H.M.

Fabrication of microcomponent using Fe based nanopowders

New process for fabrication of microcomponents using metal nanopowder