Index of Authors

Luo, T.-J.M.

A Microfluidic Device for Opto-Electrochemical Sensing

Luo, Z.

Compare and Contrast HiSIM-LDMOS and BSIM based compact model of High Voltage MOSFETs for Analog Applications

A Scalable POWER MOSFET Model with an Integrated Body-Diode Including Reverse Recovery

An SOA Aware MOSFET Model for Highly Integrated, Analog Mixed-Signal Design Environments

Lupan, O.

Synthesis and Characterizations of ZnO Nanorods Arrays for Solar Cell and Chemical Sensor Applications

Electric Field Assisted Assembly of Perpendicular Oriented ZnO Nanorods on Si Substrate

Fabrication and Characterizations of Ultra Violet Photosensor Based on Single ZnO Nanorod

Selective Multiterminal Sensor on Individual ZnO Nanotetrapod

Doping Effects in Optical Properties of Low Temperature Grown ZnO Nanorod Arrays

Lupi, F.R.

A structural analysis of olive oil organogelation

Lupinsky, A.

The Separation of Hydrocarbons from Sand Using Ionic Liquids

Luponosov, Y.N.

Dendritic Oligoarilsilanes as Effective Nanostructured Luminophores for Spectral Shifters and Plastic Scintillators

Luppi, V.A.

An investigation on the aggregation phenomena of Titanium dioxide nanoparticles in natural waters: role of ionic strength, organic matter and natural colloidal particles

Luqi, L.

Autonomous Agents Design for Digital Network Maximization in Joint C4I System

Luque, R.L.

STARBONS®: Preparation, applications and transition from laboratory curiosity to scalable product

Luryi, S.

Automatic Generation of Equivalent Circuits from Device Simulation

Luryi & A. Pacelli, S.

Automatic Generation of RF Compact Models from Device Simulation - Part I: Motivation and methodology

Luskinovich, P.N.

The Evolution of Vievs of in vivo Use of Nanoparticles for Tumor Treatment

Standards of length at the nanoscale based on movement gages and their measurement with sub-nanometric uncertainty

Nanomanipulators with reduced hysteresis and interferometers build in NanoFabs