Index of Authors

Lang, J.H.

Magnetic Diffusion in Nonlinear Micro-Media: A Modified Finite-Difference Time-Domain Approach

Optimal Design of an Electrostatic Zipper Actuator

Lang, M.

FELLINI-A CAD Tool for the Design of Microsystems

Lang, N.D.

Electronic Transport in Molecular Devices from First Principles

Molecular Electronics by the Numbers

Lange, R.

Numerical Modeling of a Piezoelectric Micropump

Langebrake, L.

Multiphysics Modeling and Simulation for a MEMS Thermal-Mechanical Switch

Langer, E.

Three-Dimensional Transient Electro-Thermal Interconnect Simulation for Stress and Electromigration Analysis

Langer, R.

Targeted Nanoparticle-Polypeptide Conjugates for Breast Cancer Treatment

Targeted Aptamer-Nanoparticles to Diminish Drug Resistance of Cancer Cells in vitro Study

Enhancement of in vitro Capillary Tube Formation by Substrate Nanotopography

Gene Delivery and Transfection Studies with Lipopolyplexes in Human Endothelial and Smooth Muscle Cells

Langguth, P.

NanoBio-Tools for Selective Activation of Toll-like receptors (TLRs)

Langley, D.P.

Flexible fluorine-doped tin oxide based composite electrodes for photovoltaic applications

Physical properties of silver nanowire networks

Langlois, J.

Interfacial Effect in Fe/ InGaAs Magnetism

Lank, R.

Bridging the Legacy and the Smart Grid: the Power Continuity Unit

Lankhorst, M.H.R.

A transient circuit model for a phase change memory element

Lanouette, A.-M.

3D Printing of Double Ka Band Helical Antenna

Lansford, R.

Formation of Biotinylated Alkylthiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold