Index of Authors

Lo, D.

Combining gene therapy and nanomedicine to enhance the therapeutic potential of T cells

Lo, G.Q.

Comprehensive Characterization and Analysis of RTS, 1/f, RF Noise and Power Performances of Schottky-Diode in Standard CMOS

Lo, H-C

Enhancement of Silicon Photon Emission with Nanostructure Array

Lo, H-Y

Low Turn-On Voltage and High Focus Capability Nanogaps for Field Emission Displays

Lo, I-S

Characteristic Optimization of Single- and Double-Gate Tunneling Field Effect Transistors

Lo, J.

Arrayed, Piezoelectrically-Actuated Mirrors and Gratings for Spectrometer

Lo, N.R.

3D MEMS Design via Matlab Interactive Plots

Lo, R.C.

Facile Fabrication of an Enzyme Microreactor Using Magnetic Microbeads

Lo, S-C

A Study of the Threshold Voltage Variations for Ultra-thin Body Double Gate SOI MOSFETs

Random Dopant Induced Fluctuations of Characteristics in Deep Sub-micron MOSFETs

Lo, S.Y.

Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Ultraviolet Detectors Utilizing Ge Nanocrystals Active Medium on Si Substrate

Lo, T.S.

Electric Field Driven Motion of Flexible Polyelectrolytes – A Molecular Dynamics Study

Dynamics and distribution of counterions in the vicinity of a flexible polyelectrolyte

Lo, Y.L.

Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

Lo Nostro, A.

Poly(acrylic) acid-coated Silver Nanoparticles for Antibacterial Textile Finishing

Lo Nostro, P.

Nanoassemblies from Vitamin C Derivatives

Poly(acrylic) acid-coated Silver Nanoparticles for Antibacterial Textile Finishing

Lo Presti, C.

Responsive Materials

Lobino, M.

Single-crystalline 3C-SiC thin-film on large Si substrate for photonic applications

Locascio, L.E.

Controlled Encapsulation of a Hydrophilic Drug Simulant in Nano-Liposomes using Continuous Flow Microfluidics