Index of Authors

Liu, B.

Transfer of asymmetric free-standing TiO2 nanowire films for high efficiency flexible dye-sensitized solar cells

Liu, B.H.-C.

Effect of Temperature on Surface Degradation and Nanoparticle Release of Nano-SiO2 Epoxy Coatings under UV Radiation

Liu, C-J

Synthesis and Characterization of Spiral Carbon Nanofibers Containing Pd Metal Cluster by using Pd2(dba)3 as Catalyst

Liu, C-M.

Investigation of the Mechanism of Floating Node Assisted CMOS Latch-Up

Liu, C-P

Modeling of Laser Assisted Direct Imprinting Process Based on Pulsed Laser Heating and Elastodynamic Theory

Liu, C-W

Pt-Au Core/Shell Nanorods: Preparation and Applications as Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Liu, C-Y

Novel Plasmon Coupled Nanophotonic Devices and Sensors Based on Encapsulated 2-D Silver Nanoparticle arrays

Liu, C.

Electromechanical and Microwave S-parameter Properties of a Wide Tuning Range MEMS Tunable Capacitor

Development of a MEMS Vertical Planar Coil Inductor

Lab-on-chip for the isolation and characterization of circulating tumor cells

Shape-Controlled Synthesis and Catalytic Behavior of Supported Platinum Nanoparticles

Shape-Controlled Synthesis and Catalytic Behavior of Supported Platinum Nanoparticles

Bulk-Size Transparent Gadolinium Oxide-Polymer Nanocomposites for Gamma Ray Scintillation

Numerical Analysis of Coupled Particle-Fluid Transport and Free-Flow Magnetic Sorting in Microfluidic Systems

Liu, C.C.

A Least Squares Algorithm for Optimal Heater Placement in Microsensors

Simulation of Electrothermal MOS Circuits Using Saber

Liu, C.J.

Germanium antimony sulphide nano wires fabricated by chemical vapour deposition and e-beam lithography

Liu, Chi

Compact Modeling of Signal Transients for Dispersionless Interconnects With Resistive, Capacitive and Inductive Terminal Loads

Liu, D.

Simulation and Optimization of Colloidal Micropumps

High lithium ion storage capacity of CO annealed titania nanotube arrays