Index of Authors

Lamba, V.

Tailoring Molecular Devices for its Electronic Properties

Lamba, V.K.

Multiple gate approach - solution of scaling and nano MOSFETS

Quantum transport in nano mosfets

Design of Multi – Dimensional Variable Capacitors for RF MEMS

Modeling of Electronic Transport in Molecular Devices

Lambert, V.

Improvement of Stab Resistant Body Armor Using SiO2 Nanoparticles Dispersed into Silane Coupling Agent through Sonic Cavitation

Lambert, W.C.

Novel alternative, multistranded, plasmid, and helical transitional DNA and RNA microarrays: the next generation of nucleic acid microarrays

Lamberti, L.

Investigation of Zona Pellucida Hardening with Atomic Force Microscopy and Nonlinear Optimization

Lambin, Ph.

Near-Field Electrodynamics of Atomically Doped Carbon Nanotubes

Lamiri, L.

Enhancement of photoelectrochemical and optical characteristics using a TiO2 nanoparticles interlayer in MEH-PPV heterojunction devices

Lammerink, T.S.J.

Modeling and Validation of Flow-Structure Interactions in Passive Micro Valves

Scaling Behavior of Pressure-Driven Micro-Hydraulic Systems

Lamminmäki, T.

Electromechanical Analysis of Micromechanical SOI-Fabricated RF Resonators

Lamont, G.B.

Detecting Secondary Peptide Structures by Scaling a Genetic Algorithm

Solving the Protein Structure Prediction Problem Through a Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm

Competitive Template Analysis of the Fast Messy Genetic Algorithm When Applied to the Protein Structure Prediction Problem

Lan, H.

A Mathematical Model for Process Control in Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition

Lan, J.W.

Impedance of Nanoparticles Embedded Electrospun Nanofiber

Control of Nanoparticle on Nanofiber via Magnetic Electrospinning

Lan, W.P.

The effect of damping for the rate of flow in the micropump