Index of Authors

Lalinsky, T.

Design and Simulation of the GaAs Micromechanical Thermal Converter for Microwave Transmitted Power Sensor

Optimization of GaAs MEMS structures for Microwave Power Sensor

Design and Characterization of new GaAs Micromechanical Thermal Converter developed for Microwave Power Sensor

Micromechanical GaAs Thermal Convertor for Gas Sensors

Lallement, C.

The EKV 3.0 Compact MOS Transistor Model: Accounting for Deep-Submicron Aspects

An Explicit Quasi-Static Charge-Based Compact Model for Symmetric DG MOSFET

Lam, K-Y

The Study of the Nanocontact Imprint with Aminosilane

Lam, K.F.

Gold Removal and Recovery using Mesoporous Silica Adsorbents

Zeolite Membrane Microreactors for Fine Chemical Synthesis

Zeolite Micropattern for Biological Applications

Lam, K.Y.

Dynamic Analysis of an Electrostatic Micropump

Lam, R.H.W.

Simulation on biological cell transport in the microfluidic devices

Lam, T.

Modeling of Focused Ion Beam Trimming of Cantilever Beams

Physical Modeling of MEMS Cantilever Beams and the Measurement of Stiction Force

Multi-method analysis of multiwall carbon nanotube polymer nanocomposite after photodegradation

Lam, Y.C.

Hierarchically Branched Gecko Tapes Imprinted Using Porous Alumina Templates

Lamb, J.

Fabrication and characterization of CNT inductors on flexible plastic substrates

Optimization of Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistor Fabrication

Decoupled Temperature and Moisture Sensor Made of CNT-Based Nanomaterials on Flexible Plastic Substrates

Lamb, J.E.

Advancements in Microelectronics-Grade Carbon Nanotube Materials for NRAM® Device Manufacture and Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Mass in End User Devices