Index of Authors

Li, S.

Fabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube/Graphene Hybrid Foam

Li, S.J.

High performance ZnO-based thin film transistor with high-κ gate dielectrics fabricated at low temperature

Harnessing the resistive-elastic behavior of novel CNT-graphene hybrid foams for practical sensing applications

Li, T-C

Fabrication of pyramid array nanostructure on gallium nitride

Li, T-Y

Comprehensive Examination of Threshold Voltage Fluctuations in Nanoscale Planar MOSFET and Bulk FinFET Devices

Process- and Random-Dopant-Induced Characteristic Variability of SRAM with nano-CMOS and Bulk FinFET Devices

Characteristic Variability of Novel Lateral Asymmetry Nano-MOSFETs Due to Random Discrete Dopants

Li, T.

Design and Simulation of A Novel Highly Symmetrical Piezoelectric Triaxial Accelerometer

Functional Plastic Liquid Crystal Displays from II-VI Semiconductor Nanocomposite Thin Film Transistors on Polymers

The mechanical sensitivity of vesicle dynamics in in vivo and in vitro neurons

Measuring Resistive Characteristics of Silicon Nanowire by Applying Electrostatic Tensile Device and Broadband Test Signal

Li, W.

Laser pyrolysis - a platform technology to produce functional nanoscale materials for a range of applications

Fabrication and Characterization of pH-Responsive, Nanoparticle-Attached Porphyrins for Singlet Oxygen Production

Temperature Stability of PAG-Doped-Graphene, Towards Commercial Production of Graphene Integrated Circuits

Li, W.J.

Numerical Simulation for the Sacrificial Release of MEMS Square Diaphragms

Li, X.

Soft and Probe Lithography without Ink Transfer

Introduction to PSP MOSFET Model

Theory and Modeling Techniques used in PSP Model

Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Film as Strain Sensors for Structural Vibration Control

A Multifunctional MWCNT strain sensor: sensing and damping