Index of Authors

Lewis, C.P.

System Level Simulation of a Digital Accelerometer

Lewis, M.P.

Rapid Detection of Oral Cancer: Electrophysiological Characterization by Dielectrophoresis technology

Lewis, R.

Characterizing Thermal Diffusivity of Synthetic Spider Silk using Improved Transient Electrothermal Technique

Lewis, S.

Low cost PMMA based photo-masks for 3D grey scale micro-structuring applications

Characterization of an ultra high aspect ratio electron beam resist for nano-lithography

Lewit, S.M.

Strain Tunable Resin and Coating Technology for Next Generation Composites

Leyffer, S.

Biomolecule Electrostatic Optimization with an Implicit Hessian

Leyte Guerrero, F.

Synthesis of Nanostructures from Carbides Sheets

Leznoff, D.B.

Preparation of nickel doped multi-functional micro-patternable polydimethylsiloxane nanocomposite polymer with characterization of its magnetic, electrical and mechanical properties for soft MEMS/Lab on a chip applications

Lhomme, F.

Modeling of Oxynitride-Si System Based on Reflected Spectra

Li, A.

A hierarchical carbon nanofiber-In2S3 photocatalyst with well controlled nanostructures for highly efficient hydrogen production under visible light

Li, B.

A New Method to Design Pressure Sensor Diaphragm

Pumping Capacity and Reliability Study on Silicon-Based Cryogenic Micro Pump

Resonant Frequency Shift of Torsional Acutators due to Electrostatic Force

Direct Scanning Laser Writing of 3D Multilayer Microstructures

Pressure Sensor Elements Integrated with CMOS

A Carrier-Based Analytic Model for Undoped Ultra-Thin-Body Silicon-on-Insulator (UTB-SOI) MOSFETs

An Approximate Explicit Solution to General Diode Equation

Diode Parameter Extraction by a Linear Cofactor Difference Operation Method

Surface Potential versus Voltage Equation from Accumulation to Strong Region for Undoped Symmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs and Its Continuous Solution