Index of Authors

Kim, J.

Functional nanowire microscopy tip

Nano-Electrodeposits of MEMS Directional Microphones for Hearing Aid Optimization

Size dependent photoluminescence characteristics of GaN nanoparticles

Retarded Growth of Nano-sized Carbide Particles in Liquid Metals at 1500°C

Strain effect on the hydrogen storage capacity of graphite oxide

Synthesis of hollow silica particles with tunables ize,shell thickness,and morphology

Ti-based nanocrystallites formation by high-energy milling

Combination of magnetic and non-magnetic graphene oxide to develop chemiluminescent aptasensor capable of rapidly quantifying tumor markers

Kim, J.-H.

Transparent film sensor for strain measurement using carbon nanotube networks

High resolution imaging of biological materials using hydrophobic carbon nanotube AFM probes

Large area, directionally aligned single-walled carbon nanotube thin film by self-assembly and compressed sliding methods

Phosphate recognition using multilayer charged thin films containing zirconium (Zr) ions for biochip applications

Kim, J.-S.

A MEMS-type Micro Sensor for Hydrogen Gas Detection

Kim, J.-W.

Transparent film sensor for strain measurement using carbon nanotube networks

Biological effects of PLA-TCP nanocomposites on osteoblastic cells

Kim, J.-Y.

Hertz Elastic Contact in Spherical Nanoindentation Considering Infinitesimal Deformation of Indenter

Kim, J.A.

In Situ Investigation of Uptake Phenomena of Biological Molecules and Silica Nanoparticles into Mammalian Cells in Microstructures

Kim, J.B.

Nanoaerosol release characteristics of wallpaper coated with TiO2 nanoparticles in an air-jet simulated test chamber

Kim, J.G.

Nano-bending Method to Identify the Residual Stresses of MEMS Films

Development of Precision Stage with Magnified Displacement System