Index of Authors

Kildemark Nielsen, L.

Nanomechanical Sensor Platform Based On Piezo-Resistive Cantilevers

Kilian, D.

Effect of particle presence on gas phase temperature in the flame spray pyrolysis

Kilias, A.

Composite microelectrodes from PEDOT and carbon nanotubes enable advanced neuronal recording, stimulation and sensing

Killgore, J.P.

Use of Lateral Force Microscopy to Elucidate Cooperativity and Molecular Mobility in Amorphous Polymers and Self-Assembling Molecular Glasses

Interfacial Nanocomposite Characterization by Nanoparticle Debonding

Characterizing Membrane Sorption and Diffusion with Flux Lateral Force Microscopy

Kim, A.

Label-Free Protein Nano-Biosensor Using Top-Down Fabrication

Photosensitive Biosensor Array Chips not having the Addressing Circuit

Kim, A.-R.

Detection of aflatoxin B1 by SPR biosensor using fusion proteins as a linker

Kim, A.S.

The therapeutic effects of silver nanoparticle on the inflammatory disease of the temporomandibular joint

Kim, B-C

One-step White Blood Cell Separation from Whole Blood

Kim, B-K.

Eigenvalue Analysis of Tunable Micro-mechanical Actuator

Kim, B-S

Hybrid Poly(L-Lactide) (PLA) Nanofibers Incorporating POSS-Modified Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Prepared by Electrospinning

Kim, B-S.

Mechanical Properties of Metallized Single Nanofibers

Kim, B.

Thermal and Load-Deflection FE Analyses of Parylene Diaphragms

System Level Analysis for a Locomotive Inspection Robot with Integrated Microsystems

Nanochip - Ultra-High Data Density MEMS Memory Device

High throughput leukemia cell(k-562) sorting system based on negative dielectrophoretic force

Direct Observation of Nanofabrication using the Optical Microscope combined with Nanopipette/QTF-AFM System

Kim, B.-J.

A MEMS-type Micro Sensor for Hydrogen Gas Detection