Index of Authors

Khan, A.R.

AC and DC Applications of Three-Dimensional Nano-electro-mechanical-systems

Khan, C.K.

In Silico Modification of Thermostable Lipase From Geobacillus sp. Strain T1

Khan, H.

Examination of the Effects of Unintentional Doping on the Operation of FinFETs with Monte Carlo Simulation Integrated with Fast Multipole Method (FMM)

Self-consistent Quantum Mechanical Treatment of the Ballistic Transport in 10 nm FinFET Devices Using CBR Method

Optimization and Examination of Device Characteristics Due to Process Variation in 10 nm FinFET Using Fully Self-Consistent Quantum Mechanical Simulator

Khan, J.I.

Methods of colloid vibration imaging for characterisation of nano-particle suspensions

Khan, M.

A Semi-Empirical Resist Dissolution Model for Sub-micron Lithographies

Modeling Image Formation in Layered Structures: Application to X-ray Lithography

Khan, M.I.

Utilization of Industrial Waste as a Composite Cementing Materials

Khan, M.K.

Labeling of Cells with Silver and Gold Host-Guest Nanocomposites

Inflammation and Cellular Toxicity Study of PAMAM Dendrimer Nanoparticles in Primary Isolated Human Lung Cells

In Vitro Toxicity Study of Gold and Tin Composite Nanodevices for use in Imaging and Radiotherapy

In Vivo Toxicity Study of Gold Composite Nanodevices for use in Imaging and Radiotherapy

Khan, M.N.

Iron doped spent tea waste charcoal as potential adsorbent for treatment of electroplating industry waste water

Khan, M.T.

Synthesis of Novel Functionalized-Graphene/Quantum Dots Hybrid System for Solar Cells Application

Khan, N.

Nanoherbal antiseptic medicine/ bandage for effective and safe treatment of external wounds

Khan, R.A.

Newer Methods of Nanoparticle Synthesis: Nitroimidazole properties with Nanometal oxides in Polymer Cages

Iron oxide nanoparticles reinforced self-assembled monolayers of cystamine for use in enzymatic biosensor development

An Intracranial Neurocompatible Nanocomposite Polymeric Device for the Chronic Management of AIDS Dementia Complex

Minimal-dose cancer chemotherapy: Anti-cancer drugs loaded nanodevices towards time, site, and organ-specific releases for development of personalized nanomedicine