Index of Authors

Keutner, C.

Investigation of the MgO absorbate and the MgO/Fe on GaAs(001) surface by means of XPS and XPD

Kew, S.J.

“Smart” Holograms – A Novel Diagnostics Platform

Keynton, R.S.

Ultralow Detection of Bio-markers using Gold Nanoshells

Near-Infrared Laser Actuated Cantilevers with Wavelength-Dependent Response

Keyson, D.

Boehmite nanometric with high surface area synthesized from a microwaves hydrothermal method

Khabashesku, V.N.

Sidewall Functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes through C-N Bond Forming Substitution Reactions of Fluoronanotubes

Khachatrian, A.

Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer in Bioconjugated Quantum Dot-Dye systems

Khachatryan, H.L.

Formation of Ceramic Nanopowders and Composites in a Self-Sustaining Reaction Regime

Khademolhosseini, F.

Determination of Non-local Elasticity Constants for the Torsional Buckling of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Using Molecular Dynamics

Khaghani, G.R.

Determination of Cefixime in aqueous solution using multiwalled carbon nanotubes solid- phase extraction cartridge

Khaing Oo, M.K.

5-aminolevulinic Acid Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment

Khairatkar, M.

A Novel Technique for Purification and Segregation

Khajavi, R.

Photo Catalytic Activity of Coated PET Fabrics with Synthesised Nano TiO2 & ZnO: A Comparative Study

Photocatalytic Activity of Coated PET Fabrics with Synthesised Nano TiO2

Khajepour, A.

Modeling, Fabrication and Experiment of a Novel Lateral MEMS IF/RF Filter

New Analysis Method for Coupled-Field Micro Devices

A Novel Topology Optimization Scheme for Micro Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Domains

A Parallel-plate-based Fishbone-Shape MEMS Tunable Capacitor with Linear Capacitance-Voltage Response

Effect of Nonlinear Structural Stiffness on the Response of Capacitive MEMS Devices

Khakifirooz, A.

Application of Encapsulated PECVED-grown Carbon Nano-Structure Field-Emission Devices in Nanolithography