Index of Authors

Keplinger, F.

In vitro biosensing based on magnetically induced motion of magnetic nanoparticles

Keränena, K.

Analytic and Raytrace Modeling of a Miniaturized Infrared Spectrometer Module

Kerman, K.

High-sensitive Label-free Biosensors Based on Carbon Nanotube Field-effect Transistors Modified with Aptamers

Kermani, N.

Preparation of Calcium Zirconate –Silica nano composite and consideration of thermal, electrical and photocatalitical properties

Kern, D.P.

Parameter Extraction for Surface Micromachining Using Eelectrical Characterization of Sensors

Kerns, D.V.

Development of Carbon Nanotubes Vacuum Field Emission Devices

Kernstock, C.

Structure Generation for the Numerical Simulation of Nano-Scaled MOSFETs

Kerr, J.

Enhanced fuel cell performance with modified Nafion® membranes

Kerry, J.P.

Evaluation of the Potential Synergistic Antimicrobial Effects Observed using Various Combinations of Chemical Agents (Nanoparticled and Non-Nanoparticled) on a Selected Panel of Cheese Derived Microorganisms

Keser, M.

Genetic Algorithm Based MOSFET Model Parameter Extraction

Keshavamurthy, S.S.

Direct Current Dielectrophoretic Characterization of Erythrocytes: Positive ABO blood types

Keshavareddy, P.

Numerical Modeling of Nanoscale Silicon Photodetectors that Use Electromagnetic Resonance Modes to Enhance Performance

Keshavarz, A.

A Comprehensive Modeling of MOS Transistors in a 0.35um Technology for Analog and Digital Applications

Keshavarz, A.A.

Mobility Degradation and Current Loss Due to Vertical Electric Field in Channel Area of Submicron MOS Devices

Process Sensitivity Analysis of a 0.25-um NMOS Transistor Using Two-Dimensional Simulations

Keshavarzian, A.

Multi-scale Drug Release Modeling for Targeted Oral Drug Delivery (TODD)

Keshri, A.K.

A Multifunctional MWCNT strain sensor: sensing and damping

Kesselman, E.

Synergistic effects in mixed micellization between natural and synthetic block copolymers

Ketterson, J.

Switching Dynamics of Double Barrier Josephson Junction Based Qubit Gate

Critical Current Oscillations versus Pureness of Superconductor-ferromagnet Nanoscopic Multilayers