Index of Authors

Kariapper, M.S.T.

In Vivo Toxicity Study of Gold Composite Nanodevices for use in Imaging and Radiotherapy

Karim, A.

Multivariant Measurements for Thin Film Adhesion as a Function of Temperature and Thin Film Thickness

Guided Self-Assembly of Block-Copolymer Nanostructures

Karim, M.A.

Compact Models for sub-22nm MOSFETs

Drain Induced Barrier Lowering (DIBL) Effect on the Intrinsic Capacitances of Nano-Scale MOSFETs

BSIM6: Symmetric Bulk MOSFET Model

Analytical Surface Potential Calculation in UTBSOI MOSFET with Independent Back-Gate Control

Karim, M.R.

Modified carbon nanotube & poly (3-hexylthiophene) nanocomposites integrated in quasi solid-state dye synthesized solar cells

Karimi, A.

Correlation between the oxygen content and the structure of AlCrSiOxN(1-x) thin films deposited by pulsed DC magnetron sputtering

Karimi, M.

Nanobiotechlogy: Applications in Food Science and Engineering

Preparation of BSA Nanoparticles by desolvation method as a delivery system for nutraceuticals

Biocompatible Nanotubes as potential Nanocarriers for hydrophobic model food and drug bioactives

Kariojac, P.

Analytic and Raytrace Modeling of a Miniaturized Infrared Spectrometer Module

Karlson, P.

Secondary Use Energy Storage

Karlsson, J.

Localized Controlled Drug Delivery from Mesoporous Implants

Karmakar, A.

Enhancement of Osteobalstic Bone Cell Proliferation Incubated on Plasma Treated Polymers

Karmakar, S.

Quantum Dot (QD) gate Si-FET with Self Assembled GeOX Cladded Germanium Quantum Dots

Quantum Dot Gate InGaAs FETs

3-state Quantum Dot Gate FETs in Designing High Sampling Rate ADCs

Karmali, P.

Targeting tumor associated macrophages using clodronate-loaded PLGA nanoparticles