Index of Authors

Karabacak, D.

Ultimate Limits to Optical Displacement Detection in Nanoelectromechanical Systems

Karabi̇beroğlu, Ş.

Electrochemical Oxidation of Ammonia Borane on Au-Ag nanoparticles Modified Poly (p-aminophenol) film Glassy Carbon Electrode

Comparison of Electrocatalytic Activity of poly(p-aminophenol) Film Supported Au-M (M= Pt, Cu and Ag) Bimetallic Nanoparticles for Oxidation of Sodium Borohydride

Karamanev, D.

BioGenerator – a Novel Bio-Technology for the Conversion of Hydrogen to Electricity

Karami, A.

Grow of stem cells on chemical-laser generated titanium cobalt shape memory alloy nanoparticles

Karampelas, I.

Analysis of Pulsed-laser Plasmon-enhanced Photothermal Energy Transfer with Applications

Karampelas, I.H.

Multiscale Biomechanical Modeling of the Human Eye

Numerical Analysis of Laser Induced Photothermal Effects using Colloidal Plasmonic Nanostructures

Open-Surface Microfluidics

Karanth, H.

Action of Paclitaxel pH-Sensitive Liposomes on B16F1 Melanoma Cells

Karasev, V.A.

Investigation of Interaction Between Subparts in Human Hemoglobin Using Concept of Conjugated Ion-Hydrogen Bonds Systems and Its Application to Biosensors Development Problem

Karaseva, V.

Biochip-Based Test System for Cancer Diagnostics. Simultaneous Quantitation of Total and Free Forms of Prostate-Specific Antigen

Karazi, S.M.

Analysis of prediction capability for internal micro-channels fabrication in polycarbonate and PMMA

Karbassian, F.

Fabrication of Light Emitting Diodes Using Nano-Porous Silicon Thin Films

Karegari, A.

Application of Anderson-Schulz-Flory (ASF) equation in the proiduct distribution of slurry phase FT synthesis with nanosized iron catalyst

Kargar Razi, M.

Preparation of Calcium Zirconate –Silica nano composite and consideration of thermal, electrical and photocatalitical properties

Kargol, M.A.

Silane-based water repellent and easy-to-clean surfaces for concrete structure improvement

Kariapper, M.S.T.

Labeling of Cells with Silver and Gold Host-Guest Nanocomposites

Inflammation and Cellular Toxicity Study of PAMAM Dendrimer Nanoparticles in Primary Isolated Human Lung Cells

In Vitro Toxicity Study of Gold and Tin Composite Nanodevices for use in Imaging and Radiotherapy