Index of Authors

Kwon, K-C.

Eigenvalue Analysis of Tunable Micro-mechanical Actuator

Kwon, K.H.

Novel Approach for Preparation of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanocomposites

Kwon, K.Y.

Development of Nano-sized Protein Arrays using Block Copolymer Self-Assemblies

Kwon, M.S.

Fabrication of Non-Chromium Coating Solution with Nano-sized Silica particle for high Insulation Resistance on the Surface of Non-oriented Electrical Steel

Effect of nano-sized silica particle for high insulation resistance on the surface of non-oriented electrical steel

Kwon, N.H.

Delivery of Shiga Toxin 1 A Subunit into Epithelial Cells Using Silica-Based Nanowires

Kwon, O-K

The Modeling and Characterization of Nano-Scale MOSFET Resistance

Kwon, O-K.

Molecular Dynamics Study of Electromechanical Nanotube Random Access Memory

Kwon, O-S

A Novel Scheme of Mesh Generation from an Arbitrary Topography for MEMS Analysis

Fabrication of Active Digital Microfluidic Paper Chips with Inkjet-printed Patterned Electrodes and their Point-of Care Biomedical Application

Kwon, O.

Modeling of Ultra-low Energy Ion Implantation by Monte-Carlo Method

A Methodology for Modeling a Complex Geometry on Wafer from a Layout Data

Modeling and Simulation of 3D Structures for Gigabit DRAM

Modeling of Deposition Process by Level Set Method

Atomistic Process and Simulation in the Regime of sub-50nm Gate Length

Molecular Dynamics (MD) Calculation on Ion Implantation Process with Dynamic Annealing for Ultra-shallow Junction Formation

2D Quantum Mechanical Device Modeling and Simulation: Single and Multi-fin FinFET

Kinetic Monte Carlo Modeling of Boron Diffusion in Si Crystalline Materials

Topography Simulation for Structural Analysis Using Cell Advancing Method

KMC Simple Model for BmIn Cluster Evolution during Boron Diffusion: Theoretical or Experimental Parameters of Point Defects