Index of Authors

Kadau, K.

Molecular-Dynamics Study of Physical Properties in Sintered Nano-Particles

Kaden, D.

Preparation of functional PZT films on 6” and 8” silicon wafers by high rate sputtering

Optimised Piezoelectric PZT Thin Film Production on 8” Silicon Wafers for Micromechanical Applications

Kadioglu, F.

MEMS Biofluidic Device Concept Based on a Supramolecular Motor

Kadir, A.K.

Synthesis of Narrow Diameter Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes (MWNTs) By Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition For Mechanical Reinforcement Applications

Kadir, M.

Surfactant-Activated Microgels

Kadiri, Y.

Nano cellulose crystallites: optical, photonic and electro-magnetic properties

Nano Crystalline Cellulosic Nematic monocrystals optical properties

Nano Crystalline Cellulose – Optical and Structural Properties by Molecular Dynamic Simulations

Photonic crystals with nanocelulose

Smectic structure of Nano Crystalline Cellulose Established by Large-Scale Parallel Molecular Dynamic Simulations

Kaduchak, G.

Combination Ultrasonic- Dielectrophoretic Particle Traps for Particle Trapping and Sample Purification in a Microfluidic Channel

Microfluidics and Microacoustics for Miniature Flow Cytometry

Kafumbe, S.

Frequency Tuning of Micro-beams using Electrostatic Pull-in

Kage,, T.

Noise Modeling with HiSIM Based on Self-Consistent Surface-Potential Description

Noise Modeling with HiSIM Based on Self-Consistent Surface-Potential Description

Kageyama, M.

Study on non-Freon air cooling system using water refrigerant

Kahawong, P.

Self-assemblies of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) and peroxidase enzymes: mesoporous structures and nanoscale magnetic field effects (nano-MFEs) for enhanced activity BioNanoCatalysts (BNCs).

Kahl, M.

Patterning of Periodic Structures Using Continuously Moving Stage

Kahraman, M.

Utilizing Silver and Gold Nanoparticles for Investigation of Bacterial Cell Wall Biochemical Structure