Index of Authors

Konovalova, T.A.

Water Soluble Carotenoid Conjugates with Oligo- and Polysaccharides. Synergy of Drug Transport and Efficacy

Konstantinidis, G.

Single resonator GaN/Si SAW based temperature sensor

Koo, C.K.

Directed Growth of Carbon Nanotubes Utilizing Plasma Induced Surface Charging Voltage

Koo, J.

Possible explanations of the deviations in the thermal conductivity measurements

Koo, K.-K.

Effect of Length of Biotin Modified n-Alkanethiolates on the Formation of a Self-Assembled Streptavidin-Biotin Monolayer on a Gold Surface

Koohsorkhi, J.

Application of Encapsulated PECVED-grown Carbon Nano-Structure Field-Emission Devices in Nanolithography

Fabrication and Modeling of CNT Field-Emission Devices

Fabrication of Light Emitting Diodes Using Nano-Porous Silicon Thin Films

Koombua, K.

Design and Simulations of a Microfluidic Pump with Multiple Vibrating Membranes

Design Simulations of a Micropump with Multiple Actuating Mechanisms

Koomer, A.

Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutical Education In USA

Koonath, P.

Add-Drop Filters utilizing Vertically Coupled Microcavities in Silicon

Koontz, J.L.

Nanoparticle Release from Polymer Nanocomposites Used for Potable Water Infrastructure and Food Packaging: Current Progress & Beyond

Koopman, B.

Catalyst-Free Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes with Low-Intensity Lasers

Koparde, V.N.

Computer Simulation of Nanoparticle Sintering

Kopcansky, P.

DC and AC dielectric properties transformer oil based magnetic fluid

Liquid crystals doped by magnetic nanoparticles

Magnetic drug targeting using concept of focused magnet

Kopelman, R.

Gold Nano-Probes as Targeted CT Contrast Agents for In-vivo cancer Imaging

Towards an asynchronous magnetic bead rotation method for immunological assays