Index of Authors

Kim, Y.

Characterization of Nanostructural Modifications Introduced into a Model Pectic Homogalacturonan by Esterases or Chemical Saponification and Modeling of Enzyme Mode of Action

High throughput leukemia cell(k-562) sorting system based on negative dielectrophoretic force

Fabrication of Active Digital Microfluidic Paper Chips with Inkjet-printed Patterned Electrodes and their Point-of Care Biomedical Application

Kim, Y.-C.

Hertz Elastic Contact in Spherical Nanoindentation Considering Infinitesimal Deformation of Indenter

Kim, Y.-G.

Advanced p- and n-Dopable Polymer Supercapacitors

Kim, Y.-J.

Determination of micro-structural properties with x-ray absorption fine structure

Kim, Y.-S.

Fabrication and Characterization of 3-D Graphene-CNT Architectures Towards Supercapacitor Applications

Kim, Y.B.

Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Sun Blocking Powders Based on Polysilsesquioxane

Kim, Y.D.

Anodic aluminum oxide-based capacitive humidity sensor integrated with micro-heater

Kim, Y.H.

Low Damping Differential-Capacitive Sensing Comb

High Resolution Silicon Accelerometer Using Eutectic Bonding

Nano-bending Method to Identify the Residual Stresses of MEMS Films

Ultra-thin Nanocomposite Membranes for Highly Sensitive Sensors

A lattice Boltzmann study of the non-Newtonian blood flow in stented aneurysm

Multiple drugs of abuse test for saliva specimen on a single lab-on-a-film-chip using electrochemical immunoassay

Crystal-like growth of metal oxide/CNT composite with electroplated “seed”

Investigation of optimal separation condition in negative dielectrophoresis force based particle sorting platform

Acoustic energy harvesting using nanotube sheet flutter

Optical band gap energy of Er-doped TiO2 thin films

Plasmonic Enhanced Chiral Metamaterials