Index of Authors

Kim, Y-K

Microfluidic Neural Cell Chip for Monitoring of PCBs

Kim, Y-K.

Mechanical Characterization of Prion Fibrils using Coarse-grained Modeling Approach in Silico

Kim, Y-M

Preparation and characterization of release behavior for hydrophilic drug loaded alginate nanohydrogels

Morphological change from nano-cube to nano-sphere by addition of Ni to W in RF thermal plasma synthesis

Kim, Y-P.

Chip-Based Energy Transfer System between Quantum dots and Gold Nanoparticles for Analysis of Protein Glycosylation

Kim, Y-S

Ab Initio Calculations on Magnetic Properties of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

Kim, Y-W

Signal Amplification of Surface Plasmon Resonance based on Gold Nanoparticle-Antibody Conjugate and its Application to Protein Array

Kim, Y-W.

Systematic Global Calibration of a Process Simulator

Kim, Y.

Design of the Two-Movable Plates Type MEMS Voltage Tunable Capacitor

RF-MEMS Voltage Tunable Capacitor using Electrostatic Forces

Fabrication of Metallic Nano-stamper and Replication of Nano-patterned Substrate for Patterned Media

A Fiber-Optic Biosensor Based on Monooxygenases and Sol–Gel Entrapped Fluoresceinamine for Trichloroethene and Tetrachloroethene

Electrostatic Droplet Ejector with Monolithic Fabrication of Nozzle

Analysis of the Droplet Ejection for Piezoelectric-driven Industrial Inkjet Head

Pattern Characteristic by Electrostatic Drop-On-Demand Ink-jet Printing Using Capillary Inkjet Head System

Electrostatic Induced Inkjet Printing System for Micro Patterning and Drop-On-Demand Jetting Characteristics

Ultra-thin gold membrane transducer

A current controlled plasma-on-a-chip for atmospheric plasma generation

Combining solution processed and vacuum deposited layers in small molecule organic solar cell

Structural and Mechanical Changes in Heart Mitochondria of Rat by AFM