Index of Authors

Kalyana Lakshmi, Y.

Preparation and Characterization of Mn and Co substituted nano particle ZnO

Kalyanaraman, D.

Abrasive Wear Studies on Cobalt Electrodeposited Surfaces with Tio2 Dispersions

Kalyanasundaram, D.

Nano-diamond Coatings on Aluminum 319 for Improved Tribological Properties

Kalyanasundaram, K.

Sensing of Organic Vapors by Flame-Made TiO2 Nanoparticles

Kamaev, G.N.

A model to describe the hump-like feature observed in the accumulation branch of CV-characteristics of MOS capacitors with oxide-hosted Si nanoparticles

Kamakura, Y.

Strain Effect on the Final State Density-of-State for Hole Scattering in Silicon

Two-Dimensional Simulation of Tunneling Using Quantum Lattice-Gas Automata

Kamath, S.

A Novel X-ray Microtomography System with High Resolution and Throughput

Kambe, N.

Laser pyrolysis - a platform technology to produce functional nanoscale materials for a range of applications

Kamekona, K.

A Physically-Based Model for Oxidation in a Circular Trench in Silicon

A Physically-Based Model for Oxidation in a Circular Trench in Silicon

Kameoka, J.

Polymeric Nanowire Architectures and Nanodevices

Kamin, N.

Charge Amplification of a Graphene-integrated-CMOS (GIC) RF Detector

Kaminska, B.

Wireless Micro and Nano Sensors for Physiological and Environmental Monitoring

Prevention and Risk Reduction in Heart Health

Monitoring of the major blood vessels supplying head and brain (carotid arteries) contactlessly

Wirelessly powered miniature wearable vital signs monitor

Kaminska,, B.

Multi-functional Wearable Device for Heart Health and Possition Assesment

Kamiya, H.

Interaction between Artificial Mucin Layer and Stimuli-Responsive Nanogel Particles for the Oral Peptide Delivery Observed in Simulated Intestinal Solutions by Using Colloid Probe AFM Method

Functional Stimuli-Responsive Nanogel-particles for Oral Peptide Delivery: Preparation, Drug-Release Behaviors and in Vitro Cellular Interaction