Index of Authors

Josell, D.

Numerical Simulation of Superconformal Electrodeposition Using the Level Set Method

Numerical Simulation of Superconformal Electrodeposition Using the Level Set Method

Joseph, A.S.

Polymersomes and Imaging: A Quantitative Approach

Joseph, L.B.

Carbon Nanotube Array Sensor for MEMS Lab-on-a-chip

Joseph, P.J.

Fabrication of a Real-Time Reactive Ion Etching Resonant Sensor Using a Low Temperature Sacrificial Polymer

Joseph, S.

Water Ordering by Confinement in Carbon Nanotubes at 300K: Implications for possible design of proton-conducting nano-semiconductors

Ion Channel Based Biosensors: Ionic transport in carbon nanotubes

Multiscale Computation of Fluid and Ion Transport in Nanochannels: The Effect of Partial Charges

Josephson, L.

Devices for Nanoparticle-based Cancer Detection

Joshi, A.

Local temperature measurement near remotely heated,ultra-small gold nanoparticles

A simple and low cost method for fabrication of nanochannels using water soluble nanowires

Joshi, G.

Orally Delivered Polymeric nanoparticles of Lopinavir: Development and Statistical optimization, in vitro and ex vivo studies

Joshi, M.

Carbon Nanofiber Reinforced Carbon/Polymer Composites

Polymer nanocomposites: an advanced material for functional fibers

Joshi, M.V.

Nanofabric PLA architecture with Flexible Nanowire-redundancy

Joshi, R.K.

Catalyst assisted zinc oxide nanowires for gas sensors

Joshi, S.

Impact of Channel Length and Gate Width of a N-MOSFET Device on the Threshold Voltage and its Fluctuations in Presence of Random Channel Dopants and Random Interface Trap: A 3D Ensemble Monte Carlo Stud

Joshi, V.

Nanoelectronic CO2 Breath Sensors

Jou, C.-J.G.

The Reaction of Nano-scale Iron Fluidized in Microwave Radiation Field to Treat Chlorobenzene

Analysis the optimal damper angle for a furnace to reduce the energy cost and CO2 emission