Index of Authors

Jónsson, H.

Dimer-method Long Time Scale Simulations of Surface Growth

Simulations of Dopant Clustering in Silicon: Dimer calculations using DFT forces

Joo, H.

Nanostructural Changes in Surface of Stainless Steel Archwires Combined with Orthodontic Conventional and Self-Ligating Brackets

Joo, J.H.

Prevention of Coalescence Stage from Nuclei at Initial Growth of Thin Film by Substrate Rotation in Physical Vapour Deposition

Joo, J.M.

Properties of nonpremixed ammonia-substituted hydrogen-air flames

Joo, S-K

Field emission characteristics of carbon nanofibers grown on the electroplated copper micro-tips

Joo, S.

A Microfluidic System with Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensor

Joo, W.-C.

Quantitative Synchrotron Grazing Incidence X-ray Scattering Analysis of Cylindrical Nanostructure in Supported Thin Films

Jopling, J.

Towards Microelectrofluidic System (MEFS) Computing and Architecture

The Coupled-Domain System Simulation/Simulatability Problem

Jordan, J.D.

Single Wall Carbon Nanotube-Based Structural Health Monitoring Sensing Materials

Jordan, R.

Development of a Scalelable Interconnection Technology for Nano Packaging

Jordens, S

Unravelling adsorption and alignment of amyloid fibrils at interfaces by probe particle tracking

Jorgensen, C.

Development and Performance of a PVM Based Parallel Geometric Modeler for MEMS

Jorgensen, C.R.

A 3D Geometry Modeler for the SUMMiT V MEMS Designer

A 2D Visualization Tool for SUMMiT V Designs

Jos, A.A.

Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of Cu-doped titanate nanotubes: photoluminescence and photocatalysis properties

Jose, R.

Tailoring Electron Diffusion in Electrospun Metal Oxide Nanostructures for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Jose Guimaraes, M.

Technological prospecting on Area of Nanotechnology with emphasis in nanostructured polymers

José Yacamán, M.

Characterization and Synthesis of Platinum Nanoparticles for the Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction Reaction