Index of Authors

Jie, B.B.

Accuracy of Surface-Potential-Based Long-Wide-Channel MOS Transistor Compact Models

A History of Electronic Traps on Silicon Surfaces and Interfaces

High Conentration of Interface Traps in MOS Transistor Modeling

Analytical Solutions for Long-Wide-Channel Thick-Base MOS Transistors I. Effects of Remote Boundary Conditions and Body Contacts

The Driftless Electromigration Theory (Diffusion-Generation-Recombination-Trapping)

The Bipolar Field-Effect Transistor Theory (A. Summary of Recent Progresses)

The Bipolar Field-Effect Transistor Theory (B. Latest Advances)

Interface-trap Charges on Recombination DC Current-Voltage Characteristics in MOS transistors

Theory of Bipolar MOSFET (BiFET) with Electrically Short Channels

Jie, J.

Preservation of DNA and Protein Biofunctionality for Bio-MEMS & NEMS Fabrication

Jiles, D.C.

Modeling and Simulation of a Permanent Magnet Array in Elliptical Configurations

Jimbo, N.

Massively Parallel Simulation on Large-Scale Carbon Nanotubes

Jiménez, C.

Physical properties of silver nanowire networks

Jiménez, D.

Compact Model of Multiple-gate SOI MOSFETs

Jiménez-Diaz, R.

From the fabrication strategy to the device integration of gas nanosensors based on individual nanowires

Jimenez-Nava, B.

Nanostructure LB films of novel OPV compounds

Jin, A.J.

Visualizing Individual Rhodopsin (a G Protein-Coupled Receptor) Molecules in Native Disk and Reconstituted Membranes via Atomic Force Microscopy

Chemical Nano-Sensor Development and Characterization

Jin, H-S.

A Study of Inorganic-Polymer Hybrid Films for Various Surface Functionalization

Jin, H.B.

The study of the microwave absorption and optical properties of the Al- N codoped SiC Nanopowders