Index of Authors

Jayaraman, V.

Lateral-Cavity Design for Long-Wavelength Vertical-Cavity Lasers

Jayasinghe, C.

Novel nanocarbon-based, lightweight, flexible EMI shield

Jayawardhana, D.A.

Nanopore detection of nerve agent degradation products

Je, M.

CMOS RF Modeling and Parameter Extraction Approaches Taking Charge Conservation into Account

Physical Modeling of Substrate Resistance in RF MOSFETs

Physical Modeling of Substrate Resistance in RF MOSFETs

Je, S.-S.

Nano-Electrodeposits of MEMS Directional Microphones for Hearing Aid Optimization

Jean, Y.C.

Subsurface characterization of high dielectric nanostructures in low dielectric polymer matrix using Electric Force Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy

Jeanmaire, D.

Characterization of an ultra high aspect ratio electron beam resist for nano-lithography

Jeanson, H.

On the stability length of fluid/liquid interfaces sustained by microfabricated pillars

Jeelani, S.

Synthesis & Mechanical Characterization of Carbon/Epoxy Composites Reinforced with SiC Nano Particles

Investigation of Thermal and Mechanical Response of Nylon-6 Filaments with the Infusion of Acicular and Spherical Nanoparticles

Improvements in High Specific Strength Epoxy-Based Composites using High Magnetic Fields

Synthesis of Shear Thickening Fluid Using Sonochemical Method

Effect of particle size on the mechanical properties of polymer matrix nanocomposite

Processing and Characterization of Epon 862 reinforced with functionalized MWCNT’s

Sonochemical Coating of TiC nanoparticles on expandable polymeric microspheres, Thermal & Mechanical properties of microspheres/epoxy nanocomposites

In-situ synthesis of Cu nanoparticles on MWCNTS using Microwave irradiation

Thermal and Mechanical Response of POSS coated Nanophased expandable foam core materials

Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles and its applications in drug delivery systems