Index of Authors

Jabloun, M.

Multiangle dynamic light scattering for the improvement of multimodal and polydisperse particle size distribution measurements

Jabulanib, X.B.

Removal of Mn (II) from aqueous solution using hematites nanoparticles of different morphologies: Sorption kinetics and equilibrium studies

Jackson, G.

Dairy CAFO Wastewater, Water Harvesting and Ammonia Fuel Cells

Jackson, G.W.

Portable FRET Sensing of Proteins, Hormones, and Toxins Using DNA Aptamers and Quantum Dots

Jackson, P.A.

Gold Nanoparticles as contrast media in dual-energy radiography: a monte carlo study

Jackson, R.

Feasibility of Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery to the Inner Ear

Jackson, W.

Compact Iterative Field Effect Transistor Model

Jacob, M.E.

Atomistic Electrostatic Simulations Using Spice

Compact Model of Low – Frequency Noise in Nanoscale Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors

Jacoboni, C.

Simulation of Wigner Function Transport in Tunneling and Quantum Structures

Simulation of Wigner Function Transport in Tunneling and Quantum Structures

Jacobs, H.O.

Gas Phase Nanoparticle Integration

Angular Orientation-Specific Directed Self-assembly Enabling the Integration of Small Dies

Electroluminescence of ZnO Nanowire/p-GaN Heterojunction Light Emitting Diodes

Jacobsen, H.

Deposition of functional PZT films as actuators in MEMS devices by high rate sputtering

Jacobsen, V.

Preparation of Sb Doped SnO2 SPM Tips and their Use as Transparent Probes in STM Induced Light Hybrid Microscopy

Jacobson, S.C.

Computer Simulations of Electrokinetic Mass Transport in Microfabricated Fluidic Devices

Jacobsson, E.

Ion Channel Based Biosensors: Ionic transport in carbon nanotubes

Jacomet, S.

Inkjet printing of 200 nm monodisperse carbon nanoparticles: from smart ink formulation to thin film sensor properties

Jacot, J.

Augmented Reality as an Interactive Tool for Microscopic Imaging, Measurement and Model Based Verification of Simulated Parts