Index of Authors

Ilumoka, A.A.

Efficiency Enhancement of Dye-Sensitized Nanocrystalline Solar Cells Through Fabrication

Ilyin, A.M.

Computer Simulation and Study of Bridge–Like Radiation Defects in the Carbon Nano-Structures in Composite Materials

Computer Simulation of Graphene-Metal Composite Induced by Radiation

Computer Simulations and Experimental Study of Graphane-Like Materials Produced by Electrolytic Hydrogenation

Ilyina, E.V.

Synthesis of Nanocrystalline VOx/MgO Aerogels and Their Application for Destructive Adsorption of CF2Cl2

Ilyukova, I.I.

Method of LANTCET for cancer diagnostics and treatment at cell level

Im, H.

Novel metal nanoslit by dewetting of thermally activated Au film on CNT

Acoustic energy harvesting using nanotube sheet flutter

Im, J.

CNT-Array Integrated SoC for Biological Sensor Applications

Im, K.

Inner Sidewall Gate MOSFET with HfO2 gate Dielectric and Pt electrode

Imai, K.

Platinum Bowtie Nanostructure Arrays for Massively Parallel Single Molecule Detection Based on Fluorescence Enhancement Phenomena

Imam, S.-A.

Transient and steady-state dark current in amorphous selenium avalanche radiation detectors

Imamura, T.

Odor sensor using quartz crystal microbalance coated with molecular recognition membrane

Imbaby, M.

Fabrication of polymer nanocomposites based on CNTs in PDMS matrix

Imbert, D.

Luminescent Terbium/Europium chelates-based Silica Nanoparticles : Stability and Incorporation Efficiency measured by Radioactive Probe

Imdakm, A.O.

Transport of large Particles and Macromolecules in Flow Through Inorganic Membrane

Imran, S.A.

Fabrication and Testing of a Miniaturised Water Quality Monitoring pH and Conductivity Sensors

In, E.

First-Principles Studies of SnS2 Nanotubes

In, J.

A High-Flux, Flexible Membrane with Parylene-encapsulated Carbon Nanotubes

In, J.B.

Nanofiltration of Electrolyte Solutions by Sub-2nm Carbon Nanotube Membranes