Index of Authors

Ionescu, A.M.

Electromechanical Modeling of MEMS Resonators with MOSFET Detection

3D Nanostructured Silicon Relying on Hard Mask Engineering for High Temperature Annealing (HME-HTA) Processes for Electronic Devices

Wafer Level Assembly of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) Arrays with Precise Positioning

Wafer-scale integration of in-situ grown carbon nanotube membranes: a platform to study electrical properties

Ionescu, M.A.

Nano-gap high quality factor thin film SOI MEM resonators

Ionica, I.

Silicon Nanostructures Patterned on SOI by AFM Lithography

Ionov, D.S.

Optical chemical sensors on the base of arrays of ink-jet printed micro- and nanoparticles

Ionut Mihaila Chirita, A.

Single Crystalline Micrometric Iron Oxide Particles with Superparamagnetic Behaviour for MRI Applications

Ippen, E.P.

Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Inverse Adiabatic Fiber-To-Chip Couplers

Ippolito, S.B.

High Resolution Backside Imaging and Thermography using a Numerical Aperature Increasing Lens

Iqbal, M.A.

Method of enhancing polyaniline conductivity using different oxidizing agents as dopant

Synthesis and Characterizations of nano sized Barium hexa-ferrites using sol gel method

The Effects of Gamma rays on p-channel MOSFET

Effect of temperature and γ rays radiation on the electrical and optical characteristics of Quantum well structure based laser diode

The Effects of Gamma rays on P-channel MOSFET

The Effects of Gamma Radiation on Silicon Solar Panels

The Effects of gamma-ray Radiation on n-channel MOSFET

Low frequencies anomalies in GaAs FETs

Iqbal, Z.

Self-assembly of Carbon Nanotubes on Large Structures and on Ceramics

Gatifloxacin Nanoparticles For Ophthalmic Delivery