Index of Authors

Iñíguez, B.

Precise 2D Compact Modeling of Nanoscale DG MOSFETs Based on Conformal Mapping Techniques

DC to RF Small-Signal Compact DG MOSFET model

Iniguez, B.

3-D Analytical Models for the Short-Channel Effect Parameters in Undoped FinFET Devices

Inkyo, M.

Novel Nanoparticles Dispersing Beads Mill with Ultra Small Beads and its Application

Innocent, M.

Analysis of the Nonlinear Behavior of a MEMS Variable Capacitor

Inoue, A.

Modeling of FET Flicker Noise and Impact of Technology Scaling

The Mechanism of Mediated Electrochemical Dissolution of Semiconducting Metal Oxide Particle

The interpretation of the conventional superconductivity on the basis of hypothesis of small polaron

The concept of a superconductor of man-made 1D superlattice

Inoue, K.

Coulomb Oscillations at Room-Temperature of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors

Inoue, S.

Polymalic acid-based nanodrugs: Anti-tumor efficacy and host compatibility

Molecular Changes in Rat Brain Due to Air Nano Pollution

Inoue, T.

DNA Detection Using Metal-Fluorescence Interactions on Two-Dimensionally Assembled Gold Nanoparticles

Insepov, Z.

Nanocrater Formation via Coulomb Explosion Initiated by Impingement of Highly Charged Xenon Ions with Silicon Surface

Amplification of Surface Acoustic Waves in Graphene Film under DC Voltage

Modeling of liquid pumping via microchannels

Instuli, E.

Solid-state nanopores: a new tool for biomedical diagnostics

Ionescu, A.M.

Drain and Gate Voltage Influences on MAGFET Offset and Sensitivity: Modeling and Experiment

High Performance Magnetic Field Smart Sensor Arrays with Source Separation

New Compact Model for Generation Drain Current Transients in Weak and Moderate Inversions of Submicron Floating-Body PD SOI MOSFETs