Index of Authors

Hieke, A.

Monte Carlo simulations of 1keV to 100keV electron trajectories from vacuum through solids into air and resulting current density and energy profiles

Influence of metallic, ceramic, and plastic MALDI surface materials on the ionization efficiency and quality of mass spectrometric data

Hielscher, K.

Ultrasonically-Assisted Preparation and Functionalization of Graphene

Innovative Use of Ultrasound in the Production of High-Performance Coatings

Ultrasonic Milling and Dispersing Technology for Inkjet Nano-Particles

Hien, T.D.

Preparation and Characterization of Bi-2212 thin films using pulsed laser depostion technique

Hierlemann, A.

Micro Patterning Sensor Layers by Flame Deposition and Annealing

Micropatterning Layers by Flame Aerosol Deposition - Annealing

Hierold, C.

Towards Nano Mechanical Sensors

Parallel Fabrication of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube based Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors

Hiesinger, P.

Investigation of Stress in AlN Thin Films for Piezoelectric MEMS

Hietschold, M.

Quantifying and enforcing the two-dimensional symmetry of scanning probe microscopy images of periodic objects

Hieu, D.

High Electrical Conductivity Nanocomposites Prepared with Graphenes Synthesized by Catalyst Stagger

Hieu, T.L.

Overview of Solid Phase Synthesized Carbon Nano Tube; Revealing of the Regional Affects

Higashi, L.K.

Microfluidic Cell Culture System for Live Cell Imaging

Higashihara, T.

Synchrotron X-Ray Scattering Studies of Star-Shape Polymers

Higashimine, K.

Effects of Preparation Methods and Electronic States of the AuPd Bimetallic Nanoparticles on the Activity for Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols

Higashisaka, K.

Nano-Safety Science for ensuring safety of nanomaterials ~Biological assessment of silica nanoparticles focused on neutrophil~

Higo, A.

Micro-Tip Assembled Metal Cantilevers with Bi-Directional Controlability

Higuchi, T.

High Speed Extraction of Process Model Parameters for 70nm Technology using a Distributed Genetic Algorithm