Index of Authors

Hahn, K.

Computer-Based Process Design Support for MEMS

A visual approach on MEMS process modeling using device cross-sections

Methodology and tool support for micro- and nano product engineering for SMEs

Hahn, M.A.

Bioluminescent Model for the Quantification of Photothermal Ablative Breast Cancer Therapy Mediated by Near-Infrared Nanoparticles

Hahn, Y.B.

Fabrication of electrochemical bio-sensors for the detection of glucose and hydrazine using ZnO nanonails grown by the thermal evaporation process

Haidari, A.

Modeling multi-scale liquid dispersion phenomena in conjunction with Computational Fluid Dynamics

Haider, S.

Fabrication chitosan nano fibers membrane via electrospinning

Haiducu, M.

Preparation of nickel doped multi-functional micro-patternable polydimethylsiloxane nanocomposite polymer with characterization of its magnetic, electrical and mechanical properties for soft MEMS/Lab on a chip applications

Haik, Y.

Rectilinear Dynamics of Magnetically Driven Microsystems

Surface Micromachined Viscous Spiral Pump

Synthesis of Magnetic Nanocomposite Gels for Ophthalmic Applications

Characterization of Micropumps for Biomedical Applications

Glucometers to Detect for Heart Attack

Assisted Alignement of Carbon Nanotubes

Nanomagnetic Immunoassay for Rapid Detection of Escherichia coli

Magnetic Nanoparticles for Self Controlled Hyperthermia Treatment of Tumors

Molecular Targeted Functional, Cellular and Molecular Imaging of Atherosclerosis with Antibody-conjugated Superparamagnetic Particles Using Magnetic Resonance

A search of superparamagnetic iron oxide-myoglobin as potential nanoparticle based magnetic resonance imaging marker in mouse heart imaging

Application of Nanomagnetic Particles in Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment

Rapid Isolation of AMI Markers using Nanomagnetic Particles